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HOOP strengthens Europes urban bioeconomy

HOOP | Producing bio-based products from urban solid waste and urban waste water Working together to strengthen Europe’s urban bioeconomy, HOOP will help recover valuable resources from biowaste and urban wastewater to make biobased products such as polymers and biofertilizers. HOOP is funded by Horizon 2020, with €8M.

CityLoops.EU Project - Closing the food waste cycle

As part of CityLoops, Porto is developing a series of tools/actions aimed at promoting circularity in the biowaste sector which will be used/implemented in the demonstration actions. 2GO OUT Consulting participates in the circular demonstration activities at Porto City, working with LIPOR, Municipality of Porto and Porto Ambiente.

HOOP project will start in October with 23 partners from 10 countries

The HOOP Project, a new European Project coordinated by CETENMA, is a new European Project funded by Horizon 2020. The project has 23 partners from 10 different countries and a budget of €9 million. The Portuguese participation will be led by LIPOR and will count with the participation of 2GO OUT Consulting and RdA Climate Solutions.

EU Green Deal Call - Industry for a Clean and Circular Economy

Call area 3 “Industry for a Clean and Circular Economy” it’s one of 11 areas of European Green Deal Call (#Horizon2020), launched in September 22 having as deadline January 26. EU Green Deal Call has available € 1 billion of funding for all the 11 areas included.






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