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Consortium meeting of SO WHAT project - 10 december, Antwerp

The innovation manager of 2GO OUT Consulting attended the consortium project meeting of SoWhat - Supporting new Opportunities for Waste Heat And cold valorisation Towards EU decarbonization, that took place in 10 of december, in Antwerp. 

2GO OUT Consulting is one of the 20 partners from 9 countries that integrates the consortium of this european project. The kick-off meeting of SO WHAT took place last june 2019 in Dublin. SO WHAT project will be developed during 3 years and will end in May of 2020. 

SO WHAT aims to develop and validate, through different sector and countries real industrial test cases, an integrated software for auditing industrial process, planning and simulation of waste heat and cold (WH/C) valorisation systems towards the identification of economically viable scenarios where WH/C and renewable energy sources (RES) cooperate to match local demand. Know more about this innovative project:

The innovation manager of 2GO OUT Consulting attended the International Workshop Internacional on District Heating, that took place in 11 of december in Antwerp. This event had speakers from Denmark, Ireland, Germany and Belgium.

Consortium meeting of ECOBULK project, 11-12 december, Naples

The european projects manager, Carla Santos, attended the consortium meeting of ECOBULK project, that took place in 11-12 of december, in Naples. 2GO OUT Consulting is supporting the partiicpation of LIPOR in this project.

ECOBULK - Circular Process for Eco-Designed Bulky Products and Internal Car Parts is a project funded by Horizon 2020 Programme, have started in June of 2017 and will end in May of 2021. ECOBULK have 29 partners from 12 countries.

ECOBULK is a large-scale European initiative which will demonstrate that re-using, upgrading, refurbishing, and recycling composite products is possible, profitable, sustainable and appealing. ECOBULK have selected composite products in the furniture, automotive and building sectors as demonstrators to prove our new circular model. 

Two of the demonstration pilots, regarding the furniture and construction sectors, will take place at LIPOR facilities, one of the partners of ECOBULK project. Know more about this innovative project: