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The project “Paranhos Re.Circular Social”, which has its final conference on November 27, aims to combat social asymmetries among the senior population, promoting the circular economy in the largest parish of Porto, in population terms, with over 44 one thousand inhabitants.

“In a population cluster with these characteristics, it is not always easy to provide support lines for older people, so this is a happy example of how it is possible to innovate by combining best practices in circular economy with solutions that enable older customers and / or weakened in socio-economic terms to improve their daily lives ”, explains Pedro Fonseca Santos, the innovation director of 2GO OUT Consulting, the company that drafted the application and is monitoring the project.

Funded by the Environmental Fund’s “JUNTAr” program, “Paranhos Re.Circular Social” is promoted by the local Parish Council, which welcomes this way of promoting the circular economy. The activities are organized around three areas of intervention: the “Social Repair Initiative” - a home repair service, including the repair of equipment and furniture; the “Social Store Initiative” - second hand clothing renovation service and distribution to needy families; and “Zero Waste Initiative” - which is assumed to reinforce the social response capacity combined with the reinforcement of the fight against food waste.

As part of this project, on November 23rd and 30th, between 10am and 12pm, at the premises of the Parish Council of Paranhos, small repair shops and second hand clothes renovation will be held, with the first workshops are part of the European Waste Prevention Week 2019 (EWWR). The final conference, scheduled for November 27th, at the same venue, will present the results of the work.

The project “Paranhos Re.Circular Social” - promoted in the parish of Paranhos since July and coming to an end this month - aims to promote the circular economy by promoting the increase in the life of equipment, furniture and clothing and combating food waste, with priority targets for the elderly, those with economic difficulties and / or reduced mobility, as well as for families in a situation of economic weakness.

2GO OUT Consulting is a consulting firm specializing in circular economy, climate change, energy and smart cities and is involved in different transnational projects, funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 program.
The company, headquartered at SANJOTEC - S. João da Madeira Science and Technology Park, is also active nationwide in projects, co-funded by the Portugal 2020, Environmental Fund, Energy Efficiency Fund and EEA Grants programs.