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Consortium brings together 28 organizations from eight countries

The City Loops project, funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 program, involves 28 organizations from eight countries, including 2GO OUT Consulting, headquartered at SANJOTEC - S. João da Madeira Science and Technology Park.

The Portuguese company played a key role in the preparation of the application approved by the European Commission, highlighting the preliminary contacts established in September 2017 in Brussels with representatives from Copenhagen (Denmark), decisive for the start of the initiative.

“The participation of Porto, as well as four Portuguese partners in the consortium, is a sign of the high commitment that exists in Portugal and in this particular region of the country, to the challenge of innovation in the circular economy, with particular emphasis on in the management of bioresidues, ”says 2GO OUT Consulting’s director of innovation, Pedro Fonseca Santos, who attended this week’s project launch meeting in the Danish city of Roskilde.

“This is the second European innovation project funded by Horizon 2020 in which 2GO OUT Consulting participates, integrating its consortia, which we are very proud of and is the result of a very strong bet that the company has been making on innovation and internationalization. “By the end of the year the company will be following five European innovation projects in areas such as the circular economy, smart cities, energy efficiency and citizen science”.

Budgeted at around € 10 million, the City Loops aims to develop in a number of European cities - including Porto - a series of innovative urban planning approaches and tools to close the cycle of material flows. and resources (such as construction and demolition wastes and bio-waste - food and garden wastes) and promote the transition to the circular economy, reducing the carbon footprint, increasing regeneration capacities and stimulating new business opportunities and the consequent creation of jobs.

Alongside 2GO OUT Consulting, the consortium includes the municipality of Porto, the municipal company Porto Ambiente and LIPOR - Inter-municipal Waste Management Service of Greater Porto.

The consortium is led by ICLEI (Local Governments for Sustainability), an international body that promotes initiatives to promote sustainability at the local level, and was the organization responsible for launching and boosting Local Agenda 21 worldwide.

2GO OUT Consulting is a consulting firm specializing in circular economy, climate change, energy and smart cities and is involved in different transnational projects, funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 program.

The company is also active on a national scale in projects, co-funded by the Portugal 2020, Environmental Fund, Energy Efficiency Fund and EEA Grants programs.