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IPSS Energy Efficiency Financing

Calls for tenders are now open in the for Energy Efficiency in Social Equipment (IPSS) for the programs Norte 2020, Centro 2020, Lisboa 2020, Alentejo 2020 and Algarve 2020.

The calls for tenders are intended to support projects that include the implementation of energy efficiency measures in the existing infrastructure and equipment of Private Social Solidarity Institutions, using reimbursable grant and non-refundable grant support.

May apply as potential beneficiaries to the Private Social Solidarity Institutions.

Below are the application deadlines and download the respective competition notices:
Algarve 2020 | ALG-03-2019-13 | 10-30-2019
Alentejo 2020 | ALT20-03-2019-53 | 12-12-2019
Lisbon 2020 | LISBON-03-2019-29 | 15-12-2019
Center 2020 | CENTRO-03-2019-17 | 27-12-2019
Northern 2020 | NORTH-03-2019-38 | 11-29-2019

If you would like expert support from a team with experience in preparing and submitting Portugal 2020 approved applications in the field of energy efficiency in public administration, please contact us at!