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We are happy to announce that 2GO OUT Consulting and PNO Innovation Unipessoal Lda. decided to join forces. This cooperation strengthens the position of both parties in Portugal in the national as well as European innovation funding market.

Since 2013, 2GO OUT has been an active player in Portugal in the field of innovation and sustainability. The consultancy provides high-quality advisory services to companies and organisations seeking to embed these themes in their corporate strategy. An important part of its services is realising national public funding in particular, as well as supporting the implementation of innovation projects. PNO Innovation is the Portuguese representation of PNO Group, a leading European consultancy in the field of innovation and funding. From offices in Lisbon and Porto, PNO supports companies and organisations in finding funding for their innovation and in the execution of European innovation projects.

Filipa Tomé, PNO’s Commercial Manager in Portugal, is convinced that PNO and 2GO OUT will mutually enrich each other. "I am very enthusiastic about the cooperation with 2GO OUT, as I believe that both sides complement each other in terms of expertise and portfolio to the benefit of our clients.” Pedro Fonseca Santos, managing Partner of 2GO OUT, agrees: “In preliminary discussions I have noticed a real mutual understanding of our markets and strategies, which I have found very inspiring. The opportunity to join PNO while leveraging each other’s knowledge and strengths is something I very much welcome. I look forward to what is to come and the new things we can achieve together under the PNO brand."

The combination of 2GO OUT with PNO Innovation will benefit existing clients of both parties by enabling them to call on the broader expertise that this partnership will make available with immediate effect. Moreover, clients of 2GO OUT will gain access to a very extensive international network, as well as the services and tools available from PNO Group for all PNO’s clients, anywhere in Europe.

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