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The General Assembly of the SoWhat project took place in Gothenburg, Sweden, between June, 7 to 9. So What main objective is to develop and validate software across different sectors and countries, real industrial case studies; this new software will make it possible to carry out the audit of industrial processes, the planning and simulation of waste heat and cold (WH/C) recovery systems, as well as the identification of economically viable scenarios in which waste heat and cold (WH/C) and renewable energy sources cooperate to meet local demand.

It counts as partners, in Portugal,  2GO OUT Consulting a Lipor e a AdEPorto - Agência de Energia do Porto.

So What started in June 2019 and is scheduled to end in May 2022. This project received funding from Horizon 2020 - Community Framework Program for Research & Innovation under concession contract nº 847097.

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