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2GO OUT Consulting participated in the launch of the Collaborative Network CityLoops, a partnership that unites municipal entities and social sector and tourism organizations in the North region in the fight against food waste and in promoting the circularity of biowaste management, which took place at the Porto facilities Innovation Hub, last December 9th.

In this event, 2GO OUT Consulting presented one of the tools that was developed and applied in the City of Porto, namely the analysis of the circularity of the bio-waste sector in the city. The 2GO OUT Consulting team was responsible for coordinating the work developed by the project partners, which resulted in the publication of the report "Sector-Wide Circularity Assessment for the Biomass Sector - Porto".

CityLoops is a project led by ICLEI – Local Government for Sustainability, funded by the Programa Horizonte (H2020 - Grant Agreement 821033) and is being implemented in seven cities (Apeldoorn, Bodø, Højebb-Taastrup, Mikkeli, Porto, Roskilde, and Seville) aiming at closing the flow cycles and increasing the circularity of materials in urban areas.

Porto Municipaliy, Porto Ambiente, LIPOR and the 2GO OUT Consulting are the organisations responsible for implementing the project in the city of Porto.

Consult the complete news published by the Municipality of Porto HERE.

Photo credit: Municipality of Porto, 2021.