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HOOP aims to invest in local initiatives to extract valuable resources from urban solid waste and wastewater in order to create innovative bio-based products. Promoting Europe’s circular economy agenda as the main pillar of the European Green Deal, HOOP will directly support project development (PDA) in municipalities so that they can strengthen their administrative, technical, economic, financial and legal expertise. This project will help increase the return on investments by reusing resources, creating jobs and building local bioeconomy capacity.

In a consortium of 23 partners, including 2 Go Out Consulting, it supports 8 lighthouse cities and regions in the development of large-scale urban circular bioeconomy initiatives, which will focus on sustainable sourcing of bio-based products from biowaste and urban wastewater. The HOOP Urban Circular Bioeconomy Hub has created an online platform to promote the exchange and replication of knowledge in cities across Europe.

Some numbers

9 Wordpackages

48 months

10 Countries

23 partners

8 cities and regions of the lighthouse

2,5 million people

9 million euros budget

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