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Consulting establishes partnership with CIBIO Startup

NBI - Natural Business Intelligence results from the social appeal to find alternative proposals to the current unsustainable growth model via a Naturally Based Economy, safer and more promising. The areas of work will be Biodiversity Management, Evaluation and Valuation of Ecosystem Services, Nature-Based Processes for Climate Adaptation, Agroecology, Bioeconomics and Circular Economy.

Nuno Gaspar de Oliveira, one of the founders of this Startup points out that “the NBI team is made up of senior business researchers and consultants, with proven experience in developing and coordinating projects. We work in "partnership ecosystems", both in terms of business consultancy services, and in consortia of national and European R, R&D projects ”.

He also considers that “this partnership now established with 2GO OUT Consulting, a company with recognized competence in attracting community financing for the development of innovation projects in the most diverse domains of sustainability, constitutes a clear added value that will allow to bring to all promoters of projects a full range of skills that will make possible to develop innovative projects to promote biodiversity and ecosystem services, including their economic valorisation and restoration of fundamental functions for human well-being ”.

In turn, Pedro Fonseca Santos, founder and Innovation Director of 2GO OUT Consulting, a company based in SANJOTEC - Science and Technology Park of S. João da Madeira, says that “this partnership with NBI, is a virtuous partnership that comes reinforce the innovation strategy that has been developed by the company in recent years, allowing to diversify its area of intervention ”.

He adds that “this joining of efforts between 2GO OUT Consulting and NBI teams will allow the provision of excellent services in an area increasingly important for sustainability, such as the promotion of biodiversity and the enhancement of ecosystem services. In a context of growing ecological fragility, it’s decisive to combine 2GO OUT Consulting fundraising capacity, both european as well as national financing, with the technical capacity to plan, implement and manage projects on the ground, ensured by the NBI team".


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