Certification of the Quality and Innovation Management System

2GO OUT Consulting has successfully completed the process of implementation and certification of its Integrated Quality and Innovation Management System. 2GO OUT Consulting will remain committed to continue to innovate and provide excellent services to its customers!

D-NOSES project (funded by Horizon 2020) Kick-off meeting

2GO OUT Consulting was involved in the preparation of the D-NOSES project application, approved by the Horizon 2020 Program, which has 14 partners from 8 countries of the European Union and 1 from Chile. This project was approved with a maximum grade (15/15) and was the only application approved in Call to which it was submitted.

Financing of innovation in the field of energy - Horizon 2020

The Horizon 2020 Program has several calls to finance innovation projects in the field of energy, with a deadline of September 2018. The calls that focus on innovation in the area of energy efficiency stand out!

Innovation and Quality Policy

2GO OUT Consulting aproved it´s Innovation and Quality Policy at February´s 3rd, 2017. This was part of the Integration System of Development, Innovation and Quality & Research Management, with the objective of getting itself certificated by the rules NP EN ISO 90001:2015 and NP 4457:2017 at April of 2018.

Specialized services of monitoring of the process of ISOS 50001´s implementation

2GO OUT Consulting have a very professional and dedicated team, able to help improving your company´s energetic performance. Come know better our specialized services of helping the ISO 50001´s implementation.

3GEnergy - 3rd Generation Energy Management Systems

Project Title | 3GEnergy - 3GEnergy - 3rd Generation Energy Management Systems Project Code | POCI-01-0247-FEDER-017776 Main Objective | Enhance research, technological development and innovation Region of intervention | North of Portugal Beneficiaries | RACE (consortium leader), DREAMO, INESC TEC, 2GO OUT Consulting